Going gluten/dairy free, and a NEW addition to your facial experience

As some clients know, I went gluten free/dairy free about a month ago, thanks to some digestive issues. Having been in the nutrition/beauty world long enough, I know this is always a good place to start when trying to correct something. For example, dairy is a HUGE trigger for eczema for some people.

While I feel immensely better, something that surprised me was my BACK. I almost always have some breakouts there, and after 2 weeks of this, they were gone and haven’t come back. I don’t think my back has been this clear in years. What we put in our bodies truly makes a difference in our skin.

Do you know what grounding is? In a nutshell, this is when you walk outside barefoot and free electrons are taken up into your body through your bare feet, and help reduce inflammation in the body. People report feeling less stressed, sleeping better, you know all the good things. I was thinking I wish I could incorporate the benefits of this into my facial treatments, but I don’t think you want to walk barefoot up and down in front of Santa Fe Ave before your facial LOL.

Well, enter grounding mats, that can go on a facial table and you can lay on it during your facial, getting all the benefits of grounding PLUS beautiful skin. They’re safe for everyone, with no contraindications whatsoever, so pregnant women and those with things like pacemakers are able to use it as well.

Mine is on the way, and I can’t wait to uplevel your facial experience just a little bit more!


PS: please be super diligent with sunscreen this month! April is one of the worst months for sunburns, because we’re so happy to be able to get outside, but underestimate how strong the sun already is. For literally the best face sunscreen you will EVER use, go HERE.  

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