One esthetician’s unpopular opinion on makeup wipes

Skincare pros recommend against using makeup wipes for a number of valid reasons:


  • They’re not actually cleaning your face, they’re just smearing dirt around.


  • They’re usually full of alcohol and fragrance, which can dry out your skin and trigger sensitivities. 


  • The residues left on your face can (sometimes) trigger breakouts. 


And this is all true! However, I actually don’t mind if you use a makeup wipe, but under ONE CONDITION ONLY. 


That you use makeup wipes as your initial step, to remove the majority of your makeup, and THEN use a face wash that is appropriate for your skin type, massaging it thoroughly into your face for 60 seconds, and then washing all of it away with water. You HAVE to completely remove your makeup, the dirt from the day, and the residue from the makeup wipes. 


Otherwise yes, it’s just smearing dirt and makeup around and probably making your face dry and irritated in the process. 

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